Thursday, April 2, 2015

Robert Durst Hearing Postponed - FBI Agents Fail to Appear

A judge in New Orleans has delayed a preliminary hearing for accused killer Robert Durst - after FBI agents subpoenaed for the hearing failed to appear. Durst's defense says it wants to question them about the timing of Durst's arrest at a hotel last month that led to local gun charges. Here I talk with KFI's Bill Carroll about the hearing and what might happen next week. www.kfiam640.com

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

LAFD (Mistakenly?) Reveals Da Vinci Apartment Arsonist Recorded on Video

The Los Angeles City Fire Department mistakenly revealed security video recorded an individual carrying what appeared to be gasoline cans entering the DaVinci Apartments construction site in Downtown in December, 2014, just before the city-block-long, 7-story project caught fire and burned to the ground. I update Mo Kelly and Shannon Farren filling in for John and Ken. www.kfiam640.com

Toxicology Could Help Explain U.C. Berkeley's Tragic Freeway Death Near U.S.C.

Authorities in Los Angeles confirmed Monday a person hit by a car and killed while walking in the lanes of the I-10 freeway near Downtown early Saturday was 19-year-old U.C. Berkeley soccer player and student Eloi Vasquez, who had been reported missing after a frat party at U.S.C. I talked
with Bill Handel about the case. www.kfiam640.com

Murder Charge Filed in Case of Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith